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Molniya Class Corvette (One)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Molniya Class Corvette Ship 1
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The missile boat of Project 1242.1 is a further development of the Molniya (Lightning) family boats, developed for export. It differs from its predecessor (Project 1241RE boats) in that the outdated P-20 missile system [SS-N-2 Styx] has been replaced by the Moskit-E ( SS-N-22 Sunburn) missile system which fires supersonic antiship missiles, and that the new Garpun-Bal multirole radar system has been installed. Molniya Class Corvette Ship 1. Trials of the first boat of the class have already been completed. The Project 1242.1 Molniya Missile Boat is intended to engage combatant ships, amphibious ships, and other vessels at open sea. It has the variety of weapons with surface-to-surface and surface-to-air capabilities. The unique radar system covers the missile entire effective range, tracing concurrently 15 targets, and assigns six designated targets under intensive EW environment. The gun fire control system detects air and surface targets, performs automatic tracking, and computes firing data. The radar which is used to detect surface targets provides fire control system with designation data for five targets at a time. The boat is also fitted with active radar jammers and IFF radar. The missile boat is equipped with the full set of navigation and communication equipment, powerful gas turbine power plant , air-conditioning and ventilation systems to provide efficient operation in any climatic conditions. Russia has tested and put into production a new missile vessel, Molniya Class Corvette Ship 1, armed with four Moskit missiles. The Molniya is a follow-on to the successful Soviet Tarantul-class missile boats. The St. Petersburg-based design company, Almaz, has developed an export version of the Molniya boat. The unique Russian missile boat "Molniya " is available in a tropical modification. The vessel can destroy surface ships, transport and landing facilities in a coastal zone and out at sea. With its comparatively inconsiderable displacement of 550 tons, "Molniya " is equipped with four "Moskit" supersonic anti-vessel missiles. The first launch of Russia's newest supersonic anti-ship missile, the Moskit SS-N-22 Sunburn, was conducted from an export Molniya fast missile boat at the Feodosia test range late in October 1999. The boat has a radar missile target designation complex. It's the latest achievement in radio-electronic systems of this purpose. With its high noise-proof features, it can observe 15 targets simultaneously and define target destinations of six. The complex can reach targets 500 kilometers off. Besides strike missile guns, the boat has anti-aircraft missile weapons and automatic artillery installations. It has 12 portable anti-aircraft missile complexes "Igla" meant to hit air targets in conditions of natural visibility. The on-board rapid-fire artillery guns are meant to destroy air, surface and coastal targets. They can also be used to liquidate floating mines. "Molniya " also has two launchers and combined-interference shells to protect targets from anti-boat weapons with different guidance systems. Molniya Class Corvette Ship 1

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