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RFS Dmitry Donskoy TK-208 (two)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

RFS Dmitry Donskoy TK-208 Russian Submarine 2
image dimensions : 1200 x 800
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RFS Dmitry Donskoy TK-208 (Wallpaper 2) This afternoon a Navy Main Staff source told Interfaks the next Bulava SLBM test will occur in mid-August from modified proyekt 941 Akula (Typhoon-class) SSBN TK-208 Dmitriy Donskoy. This is earlier than previously announced. The Navy source also claimed that the new proyekt 955 SSBN Yuriy Dolgorukiy will be the launch platform for one of this year’s three planned Bulava tests. He also reiterated that Russian military men are committed to Bulava, seeing no alternative to it as the Navy’s nuclear deterrent for the future. In May, Defense Minister Serdyukov said three identical Bulava missiles are being assembled in the hope of discovering a common flaw in their construction. Serdyukov said the next Bulava launch wouldn’t occur before November at the earliest. RFS Dmitry Donskoy TK-208 (Wallpaper 2). Russian officials say their navy successfully test fired a long range ballistic missile on Friday. Officials say the experimental Bulava was launched from a submarine underwater in the White Sea. They say the missile hit its target in the Kamchatka Peninsula some 6,000 kilometers away. Friday's launch marked the third successful test firing of a Bulava missile this year in Russia's Far East. The missile has the ability carry multiple warheads. Typhoon-1. 09.02.1982 entered 18th division (Zapadnaya Litsa), NOR. 12.1982 transferred from Severodvinsk to Zapadnaya Litsa. 1983-1984 tests D-19 missile complex. Commanders: A.V.Olkhovnikov (1980-1984). 03.12.1986 entered Navy Board of the Winners of the Socialist Competition. 18.01.1987 entered MoD Board of Glory. 20.09.1989 -1991 repairs and refit at Sevmash to project 941U. 1991 refit cancelled. 1996 returned to 941U refit. 2002 renamed to Dmitry Donskoy. 26.06.2002 end of refit. 30.06.2002 start of testings. 26.07.2002 entered sea trials, Reentered fleet, sans missile system; December 2003: sea trials; refitted to carry a new Bulava missile system. new missile system expected to be operational 2005. Oct 9, 2005 successfully launched SS-NX-30 Bulava SLBM from surface. Dec 21, 2005 successfully launched SS-NX-30 Bulava SLBM from submerged position on move. 7.09.2006 launched Bulava missile from submerged position, during 2 stage missile missed target. 06,08.2007 successfully launched Bulava missiles. 2007 commander capt 2 rank Oleg Tsybin. 10.2008 successfully launched Bulava. 12.2008 unsuccessfully launched Bulava, on 3rd stage msl self destroyed. 15.07.2009 unsuccessfully launched Bulava SLBM- msl self destroyed. 21.08.2009 visited by Patriarch Kirill. 29.10.2009 sea trials (some sources said it was unsuccessful Bulava launch- msl remains in silo after launch). 9.12.2009 unsuccessfully launched Bulava (3rd stage). 07, 29.10.2010 successfully launched Bulava. RFS Dmitry Donskoy TK-208 (Wallpaper 2).



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