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Molniya Class Corvette (Three)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Molniya Class Corvette Ship 3
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The Chinese Navy was considering procuring Russian Molniya Class fast-attack craft. Reports surfaced in November 2003 that the PLA was interested in buying a number of these fast attack craft. Molniya Class Corvette Ship 3. The PLA was also building a large number, perhaps 20 or 30, of a new indigenous missile-armed fast attack craft. A purchase of the Molniya would augment the PLAN's ability to blockade Taiwan or to attack US Navy forces. Assuming the pre-existing force structure of 150 missile-and gun-equipped fast-attack craft, the Chinese Navy's future force could include 30 Molniya Class craft. The reports continued right up until 2007, suggesting that China had in fact ordered 24-30 Molniya Class vessels, with delivery dates between 2007-2008. As of mid-2008 no Molniya had appeared and China appeared to be pursuing greater numbers of the Type 022 missile boat. A development of the Soviet Tarantul fast attack craft, the Molniya was designed to operate in concert with other fast attack craft, or ships, submarines and aircraft, to mass anti-ship missiles. A small ship, its effectiveness decreases in poor weather and it has limited endurance, but these limitations are offset by low cost. It was consistent with established PLAN doctrine, which stressed the employment of large numbers of fast attack craft. With the Molniya, this doctrine could be expanded to take advantage the greater range of the ship and its missiles, and the ability of the missiles to be cued by off-board sensors. Molniya Class Corvette Ship 3. Russia will build Molniya class missile boats for Libya under a new contract, a source in the defense industry said on Wednesday. Russian media reported on Tuesday that Libya had signed with Russia a contract worth up to an estimated $200 million to buy three missile boats. "The order was placed with the Vympel shipbuilding yard in Rybinsk [in central Russia]. It involves at least three units worth up to $200 million," the source said. Russian-Libyan military cooperation was unfrozen when then-President Vladimir Putin visited Tripoli last April, with relations further strengthened by Muammar Gaddafi's subsequent visit to Moscow. During Putin's visit, the two countries signed a deal to write off $4.6 billion of Libya's debt in exchange for a host of new deals, including $2 billion in arms agreements. Libya also showed interest in buying Russian-made Su-30MKI fighters, T-90 tanks, and Tor-M2E air defense systems. The Molniya class fast attack boats have a maximum speed of over 40 knots and are equipped with anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missiles, and a 76-mm gun. The boats' relatively small size and displacement enable them to blend in with coastal merchant and fishing traffic, making them difficult to locate and target. Russia earlier delivered two Molniya class boats to Vietnam and signed a licensed production agreement with Hanoi on 10 additional vessels. Molniya Class Corvette Ship 3



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