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USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Wallpaper 2

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Ship Supercarrier Wallpaper 2
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USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Wallpaper 2
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The carrier Abraham Lincoln departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Wash., on Wednesday after nine months of maintenance and upgrades. Thirty berths, 11 heads and the main galley were renovated, and training areas and classrooms were added in the $250 million effort. The 20-year old flattop also got four new screws, updated self-defense weapons systems and a resurfaced flight deck. Lincoln, the fifth Nimitz-class carrier, will spend the next five days conducting sea trials that will include 90 checks and exercises. It then will return to its home port of Naval Station Everett, Wash., for further training and integration with the ships and aircraft of Carrier Strike Group 9. “Sea trials are a culmination of a year’s worth of diligent planning and hard work,” Capt. Patrick Hall, Lincoln’s commanding officer, said in a news release. “Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Naval Air Forces and the Lincoln crew really came together as a team to make this a successful maintenance period.” A ship-wide Navy Occupational Safety and Health inspection will take place while underway. Catapults and jet blast deflectors and aviation fueling systems will be tested, and demonstrations of search and rescue equipment will be conducted. Everything from firefighting capabilities to food service to navigation equipment will also be evaluated to determine the ship’s mission readiness. “I’m extremely proud of what this crew has accomplished over the past year,” Hall said. “Lincoln is ready to become operational, execute our nation’s maritime strategy and rejoin the fleet as a global force for good.” Though Navy officials will not comment on future deployments, Lincoln is a strong candidate to replace Nimitz when that carrier returns to San Diego in March after an eight-month deployment. John C. Stennis remains in Bremerton, Wash., for maintenance and workups and has been out twice since 2007, including a 2009 deployment. Lincoln hasn’t gone since 2008. The Ronald Reagan is an unlikely candidate, as the carrier is at Naval Air Station North Island, Calif., for maintenance following four deployments in as many years.
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