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USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Wallpaper 4

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Ship Supercarrier Wallpaper 4
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Wallpaper 4
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Abraham Lincoln participated in Operation Fiery Vigil, the evacuation of USAF and USN dependents trapped within the Philippines when the volcano Mount Pinatubo erupted. The mountain’s fury blackened the skies across Angeles City and much of the main Filipino island of Luzon for nearly 36 hours, and Typhoon Yunya added to the devastation when it slammed inland with fierce winds and rain. The rain eventually cleared the atmosphere of most of the choking and blinding ash, but the disaster deposited a heavy eight-inch coating of grey ash over much of the area around NS Subic Bay and NAS Cubi Point, and sailors observed that the residue gave the landscape the appearance of dry cement. The ash crushed many lightweight structures, and a chalky film covered the bay, which presented the appearance of a translucent shade of green. The disaster cut electricity and water to the base for two days, and only heavy trucks could grind their way through the morass to reach victims. Rescue workers also contended with earthquake aftershocks. Abraham Lincoln transported 4,323 people, mostly USN and USAF dependents from Subic Bay and Cubi Point and from Clark Air Base (AB) to Cebu City on Cebu, for further evacuation to Guam and the continental U.S. Sailors and marines also brought on board as many pets as they could save. Crewmembers recorded over 250 helo lifts required to off-load evacuees and over 500 pets, and the ship’s historian noted that the sailors and marines performed the “Herculean effort…efficiently and with compassion.” Sailors surrendered berths to exhausted people, and those of the Medical Department provided special medications, diapers, formula, baby food and hygiene articles to evacuees. Among the aircraft that transferred to make room on board for people, were five from VA-95 that flew ashore to Kadena AB on Okinawa. “This is the best treatment I’ve had in more than a week,” Sgt. Tony Ellis, assigned to the USAF 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing, said. “Sailors stopped and asked us if we needed help if we looked lost. We could have been going in the opposite direction and they would turn around and go all the way to the other end of the ship just to help us find our way. These guys are great!” Crewmembers generously raised more than $12,000 to aid victims. Sailors converted sections of Hanger Bay No. 3 into what they called “The Dog Pound” for the myriad of evacuated pets. One sailor slept on a piece of cardboard covered by frightened Dachshunds, and sailors and marines built a variety of shelters to accommodate dogs and cats. “The challenges came in the form of puppies,” EM1 Richard Cunningham, who supervised the pet shelters, explained. “We have a Doberman with nine pups. There’s a sign up to warn people to keep their fingers out of the travel case [from the protective mother].” Cunningham noted that he enjoyed working around most of the animals, especially friendly canines. “They love to cuddle, and they really appreciate attention.” Abraham Lincoln sailed more than 1,800 nautical miles through inshore waters, which required careful attention to detail from her Navigation Department due to other vessels, treacherous shoals and currents. The ship also supported guided missile cruiser Lake Champlain (CG-57) as she evacuated a further 844 people and their pets during three trips in and out of the disaster area. Lake Champlain’s historian noted that the devastation and the suffering of the victims “overwhelmed” her crewmembers. Thousands of Filipino looters, however, magnified the tragedy by adding a dark note to the heroic efforts of rescuers when lawless elements climbed over the gates and ransacked abandoned homes. In many instances the looters wiped out everything of value for entire families including treasured mementoes, and so many swamped the gates that they overwhelmed military policemen by their sheer numbers and determination.
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