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Kaiwo Maru II (Wallpaper 1)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kaiwo Maru II Tall Ship Wallpaper 1
image dimensions : 1190 x 670
Kaiwo Maru II (Wallpaper 1)
1. Kaiwo Maru II Tall Ship images wallpaper gallery. 1. Kaiwo Maru II Tall Ship photos and pictures wallpaper collection.
Kaiwo Maru II is a Japanese training tall ship. She was built in 1989 to replace a 1930 ship of the same name. Kaiwo Maru II is a four-masted barque. She is 110.09 metres (361 ft 2 in) long overall, with a beam of 13.80 metres (45 ft 3 in) and a depth of 10.70 metres (35 ft 1 in). She is assessed as 2,556 GRT. Propulsion is by two 4-cylinder diesel engines and a total of 2,760 square metres (29,700 sq ft) of sails. The engines have a total power of 3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW) and can propel the ship at a maximum of 14.1 knots (26.1 km/h), with a normal service maximum of 13 knots (24 km/h). Kaiwo Maru II has a range of 9,800 nautical miles (18,100 km). The four masts are the fore mast, main mast, mizzen mast and jigger mast. The main mast is 43.50 metres (142 ft 9 in) tall. Her complement is 199. Her keel was laid by Sumitomo Heavy Industries on July 8, 1988 and she was launched on March 7, 1989. Kaiwo Maru II was completed on September 12, 1989. She is a four masted barque with the length of over 110 meters and a complement of 199 persons. She is a sister ship of Nippon Maru II.
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