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MSY Wind Song (Wallpaper 1)

Monday, September 26, 2011

MSY Wind Song Sailing Ship Wallpaper 1
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
MSY Wind Song (Wallpaper 1)
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The msy Wind Song was a 4-masted motor sailing yacht used as a cruise ship by Wind Song Cruises from 1987 until 2002, when the ship suffered an engine room fire. The Wind Song was one of an unusual class of only three vessels (msy Wind Star, msy Wind Spirit and msy Wind Song), designed as a modern cruise ship but carrying an elaborate system of computer-controlled sails on four masts. The ship's usual itinerary was an inter-island cruise in French Polynesia. On December 1, 2002, an engine room fire forced evacuation of 127 passengers and 92 crew members to Raiataea, a nearby island. The French Navy put out the fire and towed the ship to Papeete, where examination showed extensive damage to engineering spaces, although the passenger areas were mostly intact. Subsequently the Navy demanded compensation for its services, and French Polynesian government seized the Wind Song. However, Holland America Line (owner of Wind Song Cruises at the time, itself a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc) was unwilling to pay the costs involved, and even scrapping was uneconomical, because of the ship's small size and remoteness from shipbreakers in India, China, and elsewhere. On January 22, with the agreement of Holland America and Carnival, the President of the Territorial Government of French Polynesia, Gaston Flosse, ordered the scuttling of the Wind Song. That night the ship was towed into the Sea of the Moon between Tahiti and Moorea and sunk in 9,843 feet of water, at latitude 17.45S, longitude 149.48W. Sailing under the banner of its appropriate tag line "180ยบ From Ordinary," Wind Song was created in the mid-1980's with the vision to offer an alternative to the typical cruise or resort vacation. The Wind Song passenger sees the world from a romantic sailing ship with luxurious accommodations, a casual yet elegant atmosphere, and exquisite service and cuisine. The Ships In late 1986, the first commercial sailing vessel built in 60 years slipped out of a French dry-dock in Le Havre. Although the towering sails echoed a bygone era of explorers, the msy Wind Star, with its sleek lines and computerized controls, was revolutionary in concept and design. Wind Song's ships are officially motor-sail-yachts (msy), but the designation belies the vessels unique rigging. Unfurling in two minutes at the push of a button, billowing white sails reach to the sky. All functions are operated from the bridge by computer micro-chips and navigational devices. The unusual "open-bridge" operation allows guests to drop by and acquaint themselves with the veteran captains and officers who demonstrate the ship's intriguing capabilities to modern day explorers. The 148-passenger Wind Star was joined by sister ships the msy Wind Song in 1987, and msy Wind Spirit in 1988. A new era in luxury cruising was now being pioneered by Wind Song Cruises. Nearly a decade later in 1998, the 308-passenger msy Wind Surf was acquired by Wind Song. Sailing originally as Club Med I, the Wind Surf was built in 1990 in the same shipyard to strikingly similar specifications as her sister ships, making her a perfect match for the four fleet family. Shipboard Life Wind Song's unique concept of sailing has led the cruise industry in the luxury small ship, casual attire, and alternative dining arenas. Pioneering and refining these concepts has earned Wind Song an excellent reputation and market niche, winning the allegiance of a new generation of contemporary cruise vacationers, one-third of whom are first-time cruisers. Teak decking, rich wood interiors, an attentive service staff, intimate surroundings, eclectic artwork, exceptional signature cuisine featuring both light and vegetarian menu selections, and an extensive wine list are some of the extraordinary elements which have become synonymous with Wind Song. Features unique to the Wind Surf include 31 deluxe suites, a Business/Internet Centre, The Bistro, The Terrace Bar for small intimate getaways and the nearly 10,000 square foot WindSpa offering a full array of spa treatments, consultative, health and fitness programs.

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