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RFS Admiral Kuznetsov (Wallpaper 4)

Monday, October 3, 2011

RFS Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier wallpaper 4
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
RFS Admiral Kuznetsov (Wallpaper 4)
4. RFS Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier ship images gallery. 4. RFS Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier ship photos and pictures collection.
Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov was designed by the Neva Design Bureau, St. Petersburg, and built at Nikolayev South Shipyard in Ukraine. She was launched in 1985, commissioned in 1990, and became fully operational in 1995. The vessel was briefly sequentially named Riga, Leonid Brezhnev, and Tbilisi[2] During the winter of 1995-1996 Admiral Kuznetsov deployed to the Mediterranean to mark the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy. In the autumn of 2000, Admiral Kuznetsov went to sea for rescue and salvage operations for the submarine Kursk. During the winter of 2007-2008, Admiral Kuznetsov again deployed to the Mediterranean. Although technical and financial problems have limited operations, it is expected that Admiral Kuznetsov will remain in service until at least 2025-2035. On 24 July 2004 RIA Novosti reported that the Admiral Kuznetsov would begin performing missions after it emerged from preventative maintenance, and the headquarters of the Northern Fleet stated that the ship would be released from repair on 06 August 2004. The emergence from scheduled repair coincided with the 100th anniversary of Admiral Kuznetsov's birth. Its equipment and armaments were reportedly in a good state, and after some careful preparations the Admiral Kuznetsov was approved to perform missions. The ship's carrier-based aircraft began their training shortly thereafter. Following repairs, the ship participated in exercises in the Atlantic Ocean together with its deck based aviation and other ships. This was only the vessels's second mission in a decade. In October 2004 the Admiral Kuznetsov participated in the most ambitious naval exercise performed by the Russian Navy to date. It sailed with the Navy's flagship nuclear-powered heavy cruiser, the Pyotr Veliky, the cruiser Marshal Ustinov, the destroyer Admiral Ushakov, a tanker and two support ships. The group arrived at an area approximately 20 nautical miles off Iceland on 05 October and returned home on 01 November. On 23 February 2005 Rear Admiral Vladimir Dobroskochenko, the Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet, announced that the Admiral Kuznetsov would embark on a voyage around the oceans that summer. A significant increase in funds allotted to the Russian Navy within the defense and military budgets allowed further repairs and upgrades to be initiated in 2007. At that time the ship's naval aviation component was comprised of elements of the 279th Ship borne Fighter Air Regiment. The carrier was equipped with more than 20 Su-33 fighters and 16-18 Ka-27 and Ka-31 helicopters. Upgrades in the aircraft's detection and weapons systems supposedly enhanced the ship's overall attack capabilities.



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