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Pelorus (Wallpaper 4)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pelorus Yacht Wallpaper 4
image dimensions : 1200 x 750
Pelorus (Wallpaper 4)
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The fuel capacity is 280 metric tons, and water capacity is 100 metric tons. That is making the yacht much independent by fuel and water. But when we are talking about 300 million US Dollars yacht, the hull, and engine are not as important as the inside atmosphere. The crew on board is 40 people, and the guest capacity is 18. This is making the atmosphere very luxury, very comfortable and very rich. The VIP rooms are 4 for the most important person on board. And to them we should add the owner stateroom, which is large and luxury apartment. You should be happy even to see the yacht of Roman Abramovich, because it is one of the most beautiful engineer designed yachts of the world. The 2 large living rooms are designed to make Pelorus Yachtconferences, meetings or just parties in them. There are l;arge LCD TV-sets. Stereo, luxury furniture and just the interior of one of these living rooms costs more than half a millions US Dollars for the owner of the yacht. Outside you may practice diving, water sport, to drive jets around the yacht and even to fish. It doesn’t matter what you want, you will find everything on board of Pelorus. About girls on board there is a large pool, with discreet places for sunbathing and beautiful ocean-view deck, where you may drink your coffee, and watch around the ocean. The aft part of the yacht is equipped as a bar, with nice chairs and good atmosphere, where you can listen loudly music, watch TV, movies or whatever you like. On board of Pelorus everything is possible.



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